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NSFW blog of TOUOU-PRINCESS. Various kinks here. Mostly just reblogging stuff I find really sexy and vent out some sexual frustration & love shit. I'm really open to discussing all things relating to sex and relationships, and show no judgement at all. & while we're at it, yes, I'm a virgin, and I don't feel "ashamed" about it. When the time comes, the time will come. I don't experience sexual attraction towards a person unless a very strong emotional bond is formed.


(=^・ェ・^=) - 2y

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【恋愛自由形】新刊サンプル【宗凛】 | あまま 

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夏コミ新刊本文サンプル②宗凛 | 山田パピコ

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i couldnt finish before bokutoh went to bed BUT here it is!! <3

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Usher - Confessions Part II


Confessions Part II» Usher

Man I’m thrown and I dont know what to do
I guess I gotta give part 2 of my confessions
If I’m gonna tell it then I gotta tell it all

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Nicki Minaj - Anaconda


Anaconda - Nicki Minaj

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somehow i like being on this blog with my phone better than my computer. probably because being on my nsfw blog via phone is more sneaky. i do miss my computer though. it’s been out of commission for a week now. 

queue’d some nice things on this blog for once a day just so i have some kind of activity here. 

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